Shadow Spirits commonly referred to as "Shadow People" are the enemies in Daylight and serve as the game's antagonists.


Shadow Spirits

One of the shadow spirits attacking Sarah.

The Shadow Spirits appear as young women that have mutilated faces and bodies. Their eyes and mouth's are wide open and glowing with light out of them when they attack the player. They have a mark on their forehead that connects with their past as witches. The mark glows as well sometimes. There's twelve different marks but it hasn't been confirmed if they all appear on each unique witch. They float a short distance over the ground further confirming that they are in fact ghosts. 

Game role

The Shadow Spirits are as aforementioned the enemies of the game. They attempt to kill the player by appearing close to them, screaming at the player and staying near the player for a short amount of time. If the player doesn't have a flare equipped already or one equipped quick, he/she will die. They appear randomly when the player starts to find and pick up remnants so they are a constant obstacle. As the player gains more remnants, they appear more frequently. The player knows when one is near because of the static they cause on the player's phone and a spasmic sound. When the player "kills" them they scream and disintegrate into flaming ash.


  • They were originally ghosts rather than Shadow Spirits.