The player does not have access to any sort of weapons. The only tools available for use are a cell phone, glow sticks and flares. The locations of the glow sticks and flares change, as the game's environment and layout are randomly generated for each gameplay.

  • Cell phone: The cell phone is picked up at the very begging of the game. It can be used to navigate through dark areas (with an infinite battery power) and assist the player at locating the previously mentioned items. The phone's display screen generates a map of rooms that the player has already accessed. When the Shadow Spirits appear near the player, the screen starts to emit static. The device cannot be toggled and will always be kept in the player's right hand.
  • Glow sticks: Can be found in backpacks, cupboards, drawers and other various containers. They're used to assist the player at their search for notes and logs from the hospital's past, which are referred to as "remnants". Highlighting an object of interest will reveal strange patterns and markings encasing it, indicating if the player can interact with the object, since the magical elements in the game respond to chemiluminescence from the glow sticks. Aside from their primary use, the sticks can also be used to illuminate the room. After a certain period of time, the light will die out, but can be holstered in attempt to prolong its use. A total of four glow sticks can be carried.
  • Flares: As the player has no access to any weapon, the flares are their only means of defense against the shadow spirits. They are found throughout the game in various cupboards and drawers, mostly in wall-mounted emergency boxes. The player can either make them disappear by using flares or lose them by running away if the flare dies out. Much like the glow sticks, flares can be holstered in attempt to prolong their use. A total of four flares can be carried.
  • Sigil: After collection six remnants scattered throughout the area, an item referred to as Sigil will be revealed on the map for the player to retrieve. The Sigil acts as a key, allowing the player to unlock a magically sealed door in one of the areas in order to proceed to the next level. Once located, the Sigil can be seen floating in the midst of a ritualistic circle, usually in a form of a teddy bear, long scissors, a bible, etc. Picking up the Sigil will reveal a small fraction of the hospital's horrific past in flashbacks. While having the Sigil in their possession, the play has no means of defending themselves from the approaching enemies (as the item cannot be toggled and will remain in the player's left hand until it has been used) and will have to outmaneuver them in order to survive.



  • The phone originally had a compass instead of a field map.